We send our products into the whole world. For that we use the reliable service by DHL.

As soon as the delivery is committed to the shipper, the product can be tracked. That way we always know where your product is. In the rare case that your product does not arrive within the below listed regular time corridor for your location, we would like you to contact us as soon as possible by filling in our contact form. Therewith, we can tell you the status of your delivery or find a solution for the problem.

In the following you can see the accruing delivery charges and regular time corridors of your delivery starting when handing over to DHL.

Country Versandkosten Regellaufzeit
Germany 5,90 € 1-3 workdays*
EU-Country 14,90 € 2-5 workdays*
Switzerland 26,90 € 2-5 workdays*
Worldwide 48,90 € 7-12 workdays*

Special instruction for shipping abroad: Deliveries to foreign countries may incur duties, taxes and fees which are not included in the total price displayed.

The customer will be informed immediately about any delays. Large orders can be delayed.

*Please consider possible holidays or similar in the passed places. Due to various factors (such as environmental factors), the transit times may vary. Therefore, we can not guarantee the next day delivery. In urgent cases, please ask us for the current term, stating the recipient’s address.